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We are speciallized in the field of order fulfillment. Let us handle your orders allows you to have more time to focus on other important parts on your business. (hint: it’s not pick-pack-ship!).

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Bentlee--Your Trusted Crowdfunding Order Fulfillment Partner

Thank you for the amazing success of your crowdfunding campaign! Now, we are faced with an important and tedious task - fulfilling and shipping rewards to backers. The crowdfunding fulfillment process is integral but can also be lengthy due to the increased number of backers. We understand the challenges and want to be your trusted crowdfunding order fulfillment partner. We shared a case of a client who needed to adjust the shipping schedule due to unexpected circumstances. We are able to deal with various situations and ensure the smooth progress of order fulfillment.

A few days ago, American client Mike, the sponsor of the Kickstarter project, came to Bentlee’s China Operation Center. Now they have an emergency situation. Because the product needs to be upgraded and improved temporarily, if they follow the original transportation plan, they cannot distribute rewards to the backers within the promised time. He and his team were very anxious and asked us to provide assistance. We modified the previous transportation method of first shipping to the US warehouse and then back-end delivery. After the goods are produced, they are directly sent to the Bentlee China warehouse, quality inspection-packaging-order Fulfillment until all deliveries are completed, the overall time is saved by 40 days, and the Kickstarter project customer solves the big trouble that the logistics caused by the delay in delivery due to production cannot be delivered according to the agreed time.


Bentlee is an experienced crowdfunding partner focused on addressing the various challenges crowdfunding can present and providing a comprehensive and seamless rewards fulfillment service. We know your supporters are vital to your business, so we work hard to make sure they receive the highest quality support and service. Partnering with Bentlee gives you a host of advantages to make your crowdfunding process smoother and more successful.

Optimized costs, fast delivery

Let's imagine together that your reward products are manufactured in China and shipped to your local warehouse or warehouses around the world in the most efficient way to fulfill orders in a timely manner. For crowdfunders just starting out, it can be expensive to rent out your own warehouse, purchase facilities, and hire labor.

However, at Bentlee, we provide award processing services directly from your manufacturer in China. We will carefully check the quality and store the products in our warehouse, you will enjoy free storage for up to 90 days. With years of experience in large-scale packaging and shipping, we have established good partnerships with major shipping companies, so we can deliver your order in the most favorable way, minimizing shipping costs. Plus, because we deliver orders directly to your supporters, lead times are significantly reduced.

Personalized packaging and full tracking

As a crowdfunder, you are very concerned about professional packaging and full tracking of rewards, because you want to ensure that your backers experience a surprising packaging and a pleasant buying experience when they receive their merchandise. At Bentlee, we strive to make your packaging stand out to your audience. We provide you with customized packaging and marketing inserts such as giveaways and thank you notes to ensure your customers are delighted and satisfied.

In addition, Bentlee offers kitting and assembly services tailored to your needs, allowing your rewards to arrive in the customer's hands intact.

Plus, our order management system allows you to check inventory, shipping status, and sales reports at any time, which are presented in real-time on our dashboard, available 24/7. With real-time control over your inventory and shipping status, you won't have to worry about out-of-stocks or delayed shipments, so you can focus on building the foundation of your business.

Focus on product creation

Have you ever experienced the tedious process of placing an order, picking the package, and calculating the shipping cost by yourself? These menial tasks often divert your attention away from your core business and cause distractions from activities that do not directly add value to your business innovation.

However, if you choose to partner with an order fulfillment company like Bentlee, you will be able to take advantage of their customized and comprehensive order fulfillment solutions, freeing you to focus on product creation and improvement activities.

We are more than happy to provide you with more details about our services and understand your project needs. Please request a free quote, our professional business development managers are always on hand to assist you. Let us work together to help your business innovation and create a better future for your products.

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