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OOG shipping

OOG shipping

What is OOG shipping?

OOG transportation refers to “Out of Gauge” transportation, “over-size transportation” or “over-size transportation”. This method of transportation means that the size or weight of the goods exceeds the limitations of standard shipping containers (such as standard containers), and therefore requires special shipping and handling

OOG cargo requires special handling

1. Exceeding dimensions: The length, width, height or combination of goods exceeds the size limits of standard shipping containers. This may include very large or irregularly shaped cargo.

 2. Overweight: The weight of the goods exceeds the weight limit of the standard shipping container. This may include cargo that is very heavy and cannot fit within a standard container.

 3.Irregular shape: The goods are irregular in shape and cannot be accommodated in standard containers, or require additional brackets and fixing equipment to ensure safe transportation.

What are some of the goods that OOG frequently carries?

Mechanical products, machinery and equipment, metal pipes, glass products, goods that are inconvenient for manual loading and unloading, ball mills, excavators, mixers, embroidery machines, porcelain making machines, tempering furnaces, crushers, grinders, fish feeders, slag filling machines, Slabs, trucks, cranes, etc.

Will OOG’s shipping cost be more expensive?

Due to the customization of special cabinets, the transportation cost will be higher than that of ordinary cabinets. Secondly, since the types of goods in special containers are usually special and require special loading, unloading and storage, the cost of the transportation company will also increase accordingly. Therefore, the shipping price of special containers is usually more expensive than that of ordinary containers.

What are the price factors that affect OOG transportation?

1. Distance: The farther the distance, the higher the transportation cost. Therefore, sea freight for special containers from China to the West Coast of the United States is usually more expensive than the East Coast.

 2. Seasonal demand: Certain types of goods, such as food, clothing, etc., have higher demand in certain seasons, which will lead to an increase in the freight rate of special container shipping.

 3. Fuel price: Fluctuations in fuel prices will directly affect the cost of shipping, so it is also one of the important factors affecting the shipping price of special containers.

4. Complexity of goods: The particularity of some goods requires bundling, fixing, packaging, sealing and other requirements to ensure the safe transportation of the goods. The quality and complexity of packaging and fixing will have an impact on the cost.

 5. Licenses and Regulations: OOG shipments may be required to comply with international, domestic, and local regulations and obtain special transportation licenses. Applying for and managing these licenses may incur additional fees

6. Insurance costs: Since the transportation of OOG goods carries certain risks, insurance costs are usually included in the total cost.

What OOG companies are there in China?

There are many OOG (Out of Gauge) cargo transportation companies in China that provide specialized logistics and transportation services to meet the transportation needs of cargo that exceeds the standard size or weight. Here are some examples of OOG cargo shipping companies in China

1. China COSCO Shipping Group: COSCO is one of the largest shipping companies in China, providing international and domestic OOG cargo transportation services.

2. China Ocean Shipping Container Lines Co., Ltd. (COSCON): COSCON is a subsidiary of COSCO and provides international and domestic cargo transportation services, including OOG cargo.

3. China Merchants Heavy Industry: This is a Chinese company specializing in the transportation of heavy equipment and engineering cargo.

4. Evergreen Marine Corporation: Evergreen is an international shipping company that provides transportation services for OOG cargo.

5. Orient Overseas Container Line (OOCL): OOCL is an international shipping company that provides cargo transportation services worldwide, including OOG cargo.

6. China COSCO Shipping Logistics Co., Ltd.: This is the logistics branch of COSCO, providing comprehensive logistics and transportation solutions, including OOG cargo transportation.

7. China Shipping Container Lines Co., Ltd. (CSCL): This is a subsidiary of COSCO Group and provides international and domestic cargo transportation services.

 Please note that companies and services on the market may change over time, so it is recommended to contact multiple companies to obtain the latest quotes and information when requiring OOG cargo shipping services. Additionally, you may also consider working with an international freight forwarder such as Bentlee International Logistics who can help you find the best shipping solution for your needs. Company website: https://www.btl668.com. This company focuses on special goods and has a mature operations team. It has operated the overall relocation plan of large factories such as TCL and has a rich set of solution SOP processes.

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