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Flat Rack-Container(FR) Logistics Service

Bentlee Logistics, your trusted flat container transportation expert! Rich experience, global network, and customized solutions ensure that your cargo reaches its destination safely and on time. Whether it is large equipment or special cargo, we take good care of it to make the logistics journey easier! Choose Bentlee, deliver with confidence, and enjoy global logistics services!

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What is flat cabinet logistics and transportation

Flat-top container logistics is a special mode of cargo transportation that uses flat-top containers (also known as flat-bottom containers or platform containers) for loading and transportation. Unlike ordinary containers, flat cabinets have no coamings and wall panels, and are suitable for transporting goods that are super long, super wide, or that are not easy to fit into ordinary containers, such as large mechanical equipment, steel, pipes, etc.

In the flat container logistics, the goods are directly loaded on the plane of the flat container, and then the flat container is loaded onto the cargo ship, truck or railway carriage by hoisting equipment for transportation. Goods need to be securely secured when loaded to ensure that they do not shift or tip over during transport.


Flat container logistics has the characteristics of flexibility and adaptability, and can adapt to various special shapes and sizes of goods. In international trade and engineering projects, flat container logistics plays an important role, providing customers with efficient and safe cargo transportation solutions. Therefore, choosing a professional flat container logistics service company can ensure that the goods are properly handled during transportation and delivered to the destination on time.

Bentlee Logistics has the following advantages in the logistics and transportation services of flat cabinets:

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1. Rich experience:

Bentlee Logistics has many years of rich experience in the transportation of large equipment and flat-top cabinets, and is able to deal with various complex logistics challenges.

2. Global network:

The company has established an extensive global logistics network, covering many countries and regions, and can provide flat-top container transportation services worldwide.

3. Customized solutions:

Bentlee Logistics provides customized transportation solutions based on customer needs and cargo characteristics to ensure the best transportation results.

4. Safety and security:

The company pays attention to the safety of the goods, adopts strict packaging and fixing measures, and purchases appropriate transportation insurance for the goods to protect the value of the goods.

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