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Quick Shopify order fulfillment

China Order Fulfillment Integration. Simple and convenient fulfillment scaling solution.

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China Order Fulfillment Integration

1. Efficient ERP system: We provide a mature ERP system that can be seamlessly integrated with mainstream platforms such as Amazon, Shopify, WooCommerce, etc. through API. Automatic order creation and tracking number synchronization allow you to easily manage the order process.

2.Robust WMS system: We are committed to providing a stable and reliable WMS system. Each SKU is scanned prior to boxing to ensure order accuracy. Every package needs to be scanned when it leaves the warehouse, which greatly reduces the error rate and makes your warehouse management smoother.

Bentlee provides solutions that seamlessly integrate order fulfillment services in China. We have developed fulfillment apps/extensions for various eCommerce systems and shopping carts including Shopify, Magento, OpenCart, Woocommerce/WordPress, etc. With Bentlee's fulfillment application/plug-in, e-commerce sellers can easily synchronize data between online stores and Bentlee systems, and enjoy China-based order fulfillment services more conveniently.

Features. Advantages. Steps.
Order Sync. User Friendly Panel. Install the app/plug-in.
Tracking Number Sync. One-click Sync. Enjoy seamless fulfillment
Inventory Sync. Seamless Integration.  

Technical support and innovation: As your supply chain partner, Bentlee will provide you with continuous technical support. We are constantly introducing new technologies and innovations to help you keep your products competitive.

Stable long-term cooperation: Choose Bentley, you will establish a stable long-term cooperative relationship. Our goal is to become your reliable strategic partner and jointly promote the continuous growth of business.

Choosing Bentley as your supply chain fulfillment partner will enable you to benefit from global resources, professional teams, customized services and cost advantages, and help you achieve greater success in the Chinese market. Whether it is quality, customization, delivery punctuality or service, we will do our best to provide you with excellent support and cooperation.

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