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The Sino-US trade war and the US’s increase in tariffs on China have brought about a sharp increase in procurement costs, but Bentlee’s special line

FBA special line logistics is still an option worth considering. Through professional operation and safe control, Bentlee saves a lot of tariffs for sellers, thus saving a lot of purchasing costs and directly increasing sales. More and more Sellers are all concerned about saving tariffs. It has been implemented for more than 4 years. Safety, stability, and controllability are the concepts we have always adhered to.

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Mason Express Logistics

Through Matson Logistics, it only takes 11 days to ship from the Chinese warehouse to the US warehouse, plus the fast delivery service, and finally the goods can be delivered to the designated warehouse within 22 days. This efficient logistics operation ensures that customers receive goods in the shortest possible time, increasing customer satisfaction.

In addition, Matson Logistics has an independent terminal, which makes them more flexible and efficient when handling goods. This means they are not dependent on other logistics partners, avoiding strikes or other unpredictable events that could affect delivery times.

China to Japan, Australia, Europe FBA line

China to Japan, Australia and Europe FBA special line is a fast and efficient logistics solution designed to save time and money. Through these special line services, sellers can directly transport goods from China to FBA warehouses in target countries without transit and multiple processing, thereby shortening the transportation time. This can not only improve the flexibility of the supply chain to meet the needs of different regional markets, but also help reduce transportation costs and tariffs, thereby improving overall operational efficiency.

The opening of FBA special lines in Japan, Australia and Europe allows sellers to deliver products to global customers more conveniently. Especially in the context of dealing with the Sino-US trade war and the US increasing tariffs on China, choosing these dedicated line services will help avoid potential trade pressure and instability, and improve the reliability and timeliness of logistics.

Customized services with different timeliness, air, sea, rail transportation

Through customized services with different timeliness, Bentlee Logistics can provide a variety of transportation options according to customer needs and cargo characteristics, including the advantages of air, sea and rail transportation.

Through these different transportation options, Bentlee Logistics can provide sellers with flexible and diverse logistics solutions according to the nature of the goods, customer needs and market characteristics. In this way, sellers can choose the most suitable shipping method according to the specific situation, optimize the supply chain, save time and costs, and provide better services to global customers.

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