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Kiting & Assembly

Take advantage of our bespoke services and shape your brand identity.

Providing value-added services will continue to create unique and memorable experiences for you, thereby winning and retaining more loyal customers.

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What’s Bentlee Kiting & Assembly?

Provide the following customized supporting services:

To meet your product needs, Bentlee provide customized assembly and supporting solutions;

Combining multiple products/packages into a single packaging kit;

Comprehensive quality assurance testing before product packaging;

Map complete kits to specific SKUs for easy management and tracking;

Provide packaging design and engineering services;

Prototype custom packaging to ensure it meets your requirements;

Various packaging options available, including but not limited to porous paper, liner, corrugated cardboard, cardboard, vacuum pack, blister pack, display stand, multi-pack, clamshell pack, over pack, shrink pack, cellophane pack, bubble pack , promotional packaging, etc.

No matter what special needs , we can provide professional supporting solutions to meet your requirements.


Customer Orientation: We are always customer-centric, able to coordinate the acquisition of individual products you need from different suppliers. In addition, we adopt order grouping technology, which can intelligently identify orders shipped to the same address and recipient, and package the products in batches, thus saving your packaging and postage expenses.

● Advanced Technology: We have state-of-the-art fulfillment technology to efficiently manage inventory from individual components to creating new SKUs.

● Efficient and Accurate: Our product assembly team optimizes the kitting process while implementing strict quality checks to ensure the accuracy of the final kit.

Our supporting services offer you the following advantages:

Simplify the distribution process by grouping and assembling products from different suppliers.

Reduce storage space and inventory costs by combining multiple components into new product kits prior to delivery.

Reduce order and lead cycle times by pre-equipping products for regular kit shipments.

Provide flexible and economical workforce solutions to meet the immediate needs of various clients.

A professional Chinese commodity purchasing agency team.

Our professional Chinese product purchasing agency team has many years of experience and professional knowledge, and is familiar with the Chinese market and supply chain system. We have established long-term cooperative relationships with high-quality manufacturers in various industries, and can provide customers with diversified product choices and competitive price advantages. Our team is well versed in the procurement process, efficiently coordinating deliveries and ensuring product quality is up to standard. We are committed to saving customers' procurement time and cost, and providing tailor-made solutions to make customers stand out in the fiercely competitive market.

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