Value-Added Service

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  • Sophisticated brand upgrade

    Sophisticated brand upgrade

    Our brand upgrade strategy is to increase customer loyalty and boost sales by adding marketing inserts. Marketing inserts are a cost-effective and versatile medium that builds strong relationships with customers while helping to increase sales, order size, and profits. Our Bentlee branding can provide you with customized marketing materials that will leave a lasting impression on customers the moment they open the package. These marketing inserts include:

  • High-quality packaging materials

    High-quality packaging materials

    Good packaging is crucial to consumer satisfaction as it directly affects their experience with the product. During global shipments, the selection and use of packaging materials must be carefully considered to ensure product integrity.

  • Kiting & Assembly

    Kiting & Assembly

    Take advantage of our bespoke services and shape your brand identity.

    Providing value-added services will continue to create unique and memorable experiences for you, thereby winning and retaining more loyal customers.

  • Product Purchase

    Product Purchase

    Bentlee provides you with professional China purchasing agent fulfillment service! Don’t worry about purchasing from China anymore! We provide one-stop purchasing service to make your purchasing from China easier and more convenient. Whether you already have a Chinese supplier or not, we provide you with product procurement and production quality inspection services, as well as warehousing, packaging and transportation services. We will help you find high-quality product suppliers to ensure that you get the most competitive price and the highest quality The product.