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Sophisticated brand upgrade

Our brand upgrade strategy is to increase customer loyalty and boost sales by adding marketing inserts. Marketing inserts are a cost-effective and versatile medium that builds strong relationships with customers while helping to increase sales, order size, and profits. Our Bentlee branding can provide you with customized marketing materials that will leave a lasting impression on customers the moment they open the package. These marketing inserts include:

Product Detail

Product Tags

● Samples of specialty or seasonal products allow customers to experience our products in advance and increase interest in buying.

● Offer discounts or specials to entice customers to place an order.

● A small gift with brand logo to show our care and appreciation to our customers.

● Thank you notes, postcards, or holiday cards to deepen the emotional connection with your customers.

● Promotional materials, such as brochures, catalogs, CDs or DVDs, let customers know more about our brand and products.

● Through the above marketing insertion content, we will strengthen the interaction with customers, improve brand awareness and customer loyalty, and then promote the improvement of sales performance. We look forward to bringing you more business opportunities and success through these strategies!

We design custom boxes for your products based on your preferred style. Bentlee's services are viewed as seamlessly integrated solutions. Our professional packaging service team is proficient in various packaging techniques and can meet your business needs for brand upgrading. Whether it's a simple blister pack or a complex custom design, we can offer a variety of packaging alternatives to meet your needs.


According to your needs, we can provide personalized fulfillment services such as marketing inserts and customized packaging to help you upgrade your brand. If you have a need to combine individual products into new product kits, take a look at our kitting and assembly services.

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